With so many diamond engagement ring options to choose from, finding the perfect one that's right for your special someone in both style and budget can feel overwhelming. Especially, when in all likelyhood you have probably never done this before and probably know nothing about diamonds or how to choose an Diamond Engagement Ring.  

Let The Diamond Hunter take all the pain out of the process. We will source the diamond, help you design the ring, have it made with our specially selected private jewellers and then delivery it discretely to your door in time for your special proposal.

We work with all levels of budget and can provide a free quote to meet your price requirements.

Diamond Experts

Christina Duddy is a Diamond expert, she is passionate about helping people find their perfect engagement ring.

Christina is certified with the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and can ensure that 'rock' is of the highest quality and clarity.

Diamond Sourcing

We know our carats and only work with the best quality diamond suppliers and because we buy at wholesale prices, we can pass on any savings to you or allow you to buy a better diamond than you could have otherwise afforded.

Diamond Engagement Ring Design and Manufacture

We work with talented and experienced private jewellers who will produce an exquisite diamond engagement ring to your exact specifications.

Delivered to your door

We understand that timely and discrete delivery is important to you. We delivery your handcrafted engagement ring Australia-wide in time for that special marriage proposal.

Put yourself in the hands of The Diamond Hunter to get you that perfect engagement ring.

Call  Christina the Diamond Hunter on 0407 364 249.

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