How can we work together virtually?

We work with our clients face-to-face but also remotely, via phone and email. In fact, approximately 95% of our clients are assisted virtually! We are always available to our clients on phone, text, email and even FaceTime for the all-important diamond inspection process. All rings can be shipped to any location in Australia, as well as internationally.

Are your services only for engagement rings?

No! We create custom jewellery of all kinds and can accommodate any request. Although engagement rings are usually the starting point with most of our clients, many come back to The Diamond Hunter for help with birthday, anniversary, and Valentine’s Day gifts. We also love helping couples find the perfect wedding bands!

What if I already have my own stone?

If you inherited a stone or already have one, bringing your own stone is always an option. We are happy to work with you on designing the perfect setting to best enhance the stone you already have.

Isn’t it easier just to buy a diamond online?

We strongly advise against purchasing a diamond through an online retailer. Though the GIA grading system that determines a diamond’s quality and value is reliable, there are idiosyncrasies that make each stone respond visually in a different way than the numbers might suggest. This is part of the vetting process we offer with our services so you are only presented with the most beautiful quality stones.



The Diamond Hunter’s wares can be delivered by personally delivery/collection, secure courier or Australia Post. International shipping options are also available.

When is payment due?

We request a 50% deposit to secure a diamond and start the process of building your custom ring. The balance is required when the ring is complete and upon your approval of the finished product.

Forms of accepted payment

We accept electronic funds transfers and credit card payments (2.2% fee on credit cards).


GST is collected on orders delivered to addresses within Australia.



Once your ring is complete, we can provide you with an appraisal that you can present to an insurance company. We recommend Centrestone Jewellery Insurance as the most reputable, easy to work with company for stand alone jewellery insurance policies.

Ring Re-Sizing

It usually takes 2-5 full business days to adjust the size of your ring and first time sizing is complimentary.

Cleaning and Care

Fine jewellery is delicate and should be cared for accordingly. To extend the life of your jewellery and keep them in optimal condition please follow the following care instructions:

  • Take off your jewellery before your daily rituals such as: showering, lotion, perfume, etc.

  • Leave your jewellery at home before engaging in strenuous activities.

  • Keep your jewellery away from chemicals including as perfume, hair spray, cosmetics and lotion.

You can return your jewellery to us for professional cleaning at a small cost. To clean your diamond jewellery at home, use a soft toothbrush and dish soap and gently scrub metal and diamonds.

All jewellery, especially diamond jewellery because of its value, should be regularly checked to ensure the security of stones and minimise wear and tear. We offer free inspection on our pieces every 12 months but if you have any issues at any time, we will assist immediately.


Our manufacturing guarantee is to stand behind the integrity of every piece and make sure you are completely satisfied with the entire shopping experience. At The Diamond Hunter, we offer a lifetime manufacturer's warranty with every custom ring. Here's what you should know about this type of warranty:

You Can Void It

It's standard for jewellers to be able to void a manufacturer's warranty if the rules are not followed. For example should you bring our engagement ring to an outside jeweller this may void it. Sometimes it's more convenient to size your ring locally or maybe you just want to have a slight adjustment made. This can void your warranty because a jeweller cannot be held accountable for any outside work on the ring. Each jeweller is independent of each other so it's best to continue with your original jeweller for the best results. The jeweller who crafts the ring and knows their product is able to better take care of necessary adjustments without complication.

Normal Wear & Tear

We know you want the ring to be an everyday companion, and that means it’s subject to wear and sometimes damage. Think about how much you do each day using your hands!

Your manufacturing warranty covers anything that can be drawn back to the manufacturing process. Anytime your design has diamonds incorporated, you'll likely run into stone loss with time. This is completely normal and an easy fix. However, there's a difference between losing a stone because you're moving furniture vs. losing a stone out of the blue.

We inspect each ring carefully to determine the cause of the damage and if the repair is covered under our warranty. If we find the damage to be the fault of the wearer, we will happily repair your ring, but the cost will be passed along to the you. For example, if we find a diamond is missing because a prong is broken or lifted, this is an indication the wearer damaged their ring and would not be covered under the warranty.

Taking proper care of your ring will minimize the amount of stone loss you experience, but any loss that doesn't quite make sense may be manufacturing related which this type of warranty covers. Make sure to discuss any stone loss you've experienced with your jeweller.


Jewellers often suggest you have your diamond or gemstone ring inspected at regularly (every six months or so) and repaired if necessary. While we know some clients are located remotely you can ship it in to us for inspection should you feel it needs some care.


Jewellery can be fragile — even a perfectly made ring may fall victim to being knocked and dinged against hard surfaces. There are microscopic prongs holding each diamond in place so it is possible for things to get hit. A service plan under your insurance will ensure that you can have your ring repaired when you need to. If you have a great insurance plan, such as Centrestone Jewellery Insurance, then they will cover loss and other damages as well.