Well hello and welcome!


I have had a little hiatus from my blog, but I’m back and ready to fill this space with all things sparkle to ensure you are at the top of your game when it comes to diamonds.


So, to start things off, I thought I would go back to basics – more specifically the Four C’s. I have essentially created your go-to guide for selecting diamonds in a simple, yet informative infographic (because who doesn’t love a good infographic). It really is diamonds 101. I mean, do you know a Carrot from a Carat?  Or when you zoom in on the engagement ring photo on Instagram (guilty), can you pick the cut? Or are you not quite sure what the ‘C’s’ in ‘the four c’s’ even stand for? If you paused, or answered no to any of those, or simply enjoy a delightful infographic – please read on. Because, when it comes to the basics of buying diamonds (selfless promotion: I can totally do this for you + plus more) – I’ve got you covered.


TDH_Four Cs.png


Now go forth and view (stalk) and talk diamonds with confidence (and sparkle – naturally). Enjoy!